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Whether you are a young athlete starting your sports career or a sports professional training at an international level - everyone is welcome at EGAC.

We apply European School athletics coaching features accelerating your athletics level on a fast track. We accumulated over 35 years of mastering athletics. Our experience and knowledge have been learned first hand from training in Europe and competing all over the world.

The EGAC aims to successfully participate in the Australian & New Zealand Championships, World Championships, and upcoming Olympic Games.

Our purpose is to prepare athletes to compete at an international level, develop professional skills, and increase the population of Australian & New Zealand Athletes.

Welcome to EGAC!

    EGAC Triple Jump International Academy

        Brisbane, Australia & Auckland, New Zealand

          Inessa Kravets (EGAC)

World Records Triple Jump Women

                    15,50 m

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  EGAC Triple Jump International Academy                       Training Timetable               

Athletics training in Brisbane coaching


08 Jul 2023  Sunshine Coast 
Winter Track & Field Carnival

WED      24/05  18:00  QSAC 
THU       25/05   International Camp, BALI 

FRI         26/05   International Camp, BALI 
      27/05   International Camp, BALI 
SUN       28/05  
 International Camp, BALI 
   29/05   International Camp, BALI 
     30/05   International Camp, BALI 

WED      31/05  18:00  QSAC
THU       01/06  18:00  QSAC
          02/06  18:00  QSAC 
SAT         03/06   9:00  Margate Beach 
SUN        04/06   9:00  Margate Beach 

 Talent Group 10 -14 y.o ( 2032 Olympic Games)
 p.h. 0404 116 561 (sms)    




   Calendar of Competition


22 - 24  September  2023    Nord QLD  Championships, Mackay
10 - 12  October 2023          QLD School Championships, Brisbane
28  October 2023                 LA Summer State Carnival, Brisbane
2023  TBA                             LA Summer Regional Relays, Brisbane
23 - 27  November 2023      AUS  School Championships, Launceston
2023  TBA                             LA State Relays Championships, Brisbane





       Queensland Sport 

    Athletics Centre(QSAC)

      Kessels Rd, Nathan

      QLD Australia 4111

           Margate Beach

        17 Margate Parad,


        QLD Australia 4019


 QSAC (Queensland Sport & Athletics Centre) 


 Margate Beach

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Brisbane, Australia

Auckland, New Zealand

+61 422 417 514 (Australia)

+64 220 217 737 (New Zealand)


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